PI Litigation Support

Ashley Taylors Legal is experienced at delivering a wide range of litigation support solutions throughout England and Wales for Personal Injury Solicitors.


We pride ourselves on always providing an efficient, timely and accurate service meaning you can relax in the knowledge that your instructions are in safe hands leaving you to concentrate more on the legal side of the claim for your client.


Our services include:

  • Drafting CPR Compliant Statements of all types
  • Locus Reports
  • Scarring Photography
  • Tracing and enquiries
  • Serving legal papers


Please see the sections below for a detailed description of our services and what we can do for you.

Summary of Services 

We understand the pressures that Personal Injury Lawyers are under and we are all too aware how time consuming and frustrating it can be contacting clients and witnesses to draft a factual statement.


We offer a “quality service programme” which is a unique premium support product at an affordable fixed price that provides the very best service to you, that you expect and require, saving you time, effort, and reducing your costs, increasing profit and eliminating delays.


We are always mindful that we are representing you and your Practice and our experienced staff are always professional and courteous. We also understand that for many of your clients this is their first experience with the legal process which can often seem daunting to the lay person. Because of this we speak plain English to your client and take the time to explain the reason for the appointment and anything else they do not understand, however never forgetting we are there acting under your instructions and always mindful that no legal advice is given.


Our flexible approach to our services means we can tailor statements and reports in a format that you require taking in to account any special instructions  such as issues raised from the other party, and if needed we can provide a credibility report on your client.


From the moment your instructions arrive in our office they are acknowledged and actioned by our Support Administrators. Appointments are set up quickly reducing delays in the process.


Our multi skilled support professionals are able to complete all the tasks relating to evidence gathering including witness, Claimant/Defendant statements, Locus Reports, Injury Photography which means there is continuity in the evidence which is produced on your behalf.


Trained in questioning techniques, using carefully designed Aide Memoir and qualified to the level of Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals means they are able to deliver continuous and high quality statements and reports.


All our statements are drafted following the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) meaning that they are fully compliant and ready for use in court.


Our statement services include

  • Witness Statements
  • Road Traffic Accident
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Employers Liability
  • Slip and Trip
  • Care and Assistance
  • Loss of Amenity


Our Support Professionals undergo vigorous training specifically in questioning techniques and each interview is conducted using our carefully designed Aide Memoirs to make sure we produce consistent and high quality statements.


No two situations are ever the same so the information you require will change on a case by case basis and because of our experience we are able to adapt to any situation to obtain the required information and draft the statement you need.


Often your client or potential witnesses will be nervous about giving a statement and we try to develop a rapport before and during the interview which puts the person at ease and can often result in additional information being recalled which has not been supplied earlier.


All interviews are carried out face-to- face however if this is not possible or time constraints do not allow we are able to take a full statement over the telephone or Skype if necessary subject to your specific instructions and agreement.

Locus Reports/Site Inspections 

Locus reports and Site Inspections can be an invaluable tool when liability is in dispute and can often strengthen your client’s claim. Often they can help the court visualise the scene and the mechanics of the accident and assist in getting your client the outcome they deserve.


All of our reports contain clear photographs of the locus and include a sketch plan with relevant measurements, road markings and road furniture.


Our Locus Report services include:

  • Road Traffic Locus Reports
  • Slip and Trip Locus Reports
  • Traffic Light Sequences
  • Site Meetings with Third Party Insurers and clients
  • Night time Photographs
  • Video Locus
  • Scale Drawings


We can accommodate any special requirements, such as specific views a witness would have had from the position they were at the time of the accident.


Meeting with your client or other relevant parties is invaluable and when require we are able to offer this service this is particularly important in the more complex cases giving your client the ability to walk us through the accident circumstances.


Where required and feasible we are able to collect your client and take them to the scene of their accident and always ensuring your client’s health and safety whilst on site.

Scarring Photography 

Taking into account the fact that your client has already suffered as result of their accident, the request of photographs of their scars can sometimes cause further anxiety.


With this in mind, we try to make the process as easy as possible. We take the photographs at your client’s home so they have familiar surroundings and can feel more comfortable.


We appreciate that scarring can often be in an intimate area or can have religious connotations and, therefore, we are able to offer male and female photographers, whichever your client is more comfortable with.


Before we even begin to take the photographs, we explain to your client what is required and why photographs are produced as evidence.


Because of our experience, we appreciate how difficult it can be to take photographs whether that be a minor scar or multiple scars, our staff are trained to deal with and offer solutions to ensure we supply the best quality photographs to be used in support as evidence, but at the same time ensuring your client’s modesty is respected.


Our report includes photographs from various distances including close-ups of the scaring and, where appropriate, a measured view also taking into account any specific photographs you have requested.

Tracing and Enquiries 

We know at Ashley Taylors Legal it is easy for busy Law Practices to lose contact with clients if they change their phone numbers or move address or are simply unreliable with keeping in contact.


Witnesses can also be problematic to contact as the accident could have occurred years before their statement is needed. Sometimes they have moved or they simply ignore requests to provide a statement.


Ashley Taylors Legal are able to do electronic searches and cold call properties to try and ascertain the whereabouts of your client or witness.


When carrying out face to face enquiries we attend outside the normal “9-5” hours so there is a better chance of making contact and getting the required information.


We realise that the evidence needed differs on a case by case basis and we are happy to accommodate any additional enquiries or information you may require. Whether it is contacting specific individuals or a case of “knocking on doors” in a local area we endeavour to get the information.


Whether it is court papers, court orders or other legal documents we at Ashley Taylors Legal are happy to serve these on your behalf by whatever method suits you best, be that a personal serving or postal serving.


We are experienced at serving companies and individuals and are well aware of the difficulties that can be encountered.


After the document(s) have been served a signed certificate of service will be forwarded to you at the first opportunity.