Scarring Photographs

Posted on April 25, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words and this is especially true when judging compensation for a person who has been scarred through no fault of their own.


That being said with most people now effectively carrying a camera in their pockets why should a solicitor incur the cost, and their client be inconvenienced, by having professional scarring photographs taken?


Well, although with the popularity of applications such as Instagram and Snapchat we are all budding David Baileys the modern mobile phone photographer is more used to taking photos on-the-go rather than using a planned and methodical approach.


Obviously with scarring photography the point is to show, in the best possible circumstances, the injuries that have been sustained and that means detailed clear well-lit photographs.


Taking these types of photographs need planning but this does not mean weeks of preparations just an experienced photographer taking in the surroundings of where the photographs are being taken and where the on the body the scarring is and deciding the best way to get the best possible photographs of the injury.


A professional photographer will also be aware of distractions that can take the attention away from the scarring, such as the background, jewellery and clothing, which could cause the photographs to be less seriously considered than they should be.


The type of camera used is a vital factor as to the quality of the photographs and a specialist lens should be used to take close-up photographs of the scarring.


The final report should include a head and shoulders photograph to identify the injured party and photographs to establish the size and location of the scar as a photograph of a scar on an unidentified piece of skin does is not helpful to anyone.


A close-up photograph of the scar should be taken to give a better view of what the scar is like and finally, depending on the size of the scarring, there should be a measured view to assist the court.


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