Posted on April 25, 2016

Even now after such a long time since mediation was introduced and it's proven success track record, many people still view mediation with suspicion.


That is, fortunately, a dwindling number however mediation has proven to be very worthwhile in many cases saving time and a large amount of money to the parties involved.


Courts actively encourage mediation . Some people believe that is the Courts way of reducing its workload but the reality is that most cases that are dealt with in mediation did not need to be at Court in the first instance. Mediation is not a slogging match over a table or hard negotiation to drag the other party to a one-sided agreement.


An experienced mediator can deal with all the issues with both parties in confidence and privately finding the appropriate way forward to satisfy everyone and usually successfully too.


Martyn Ashley Taylor, the MD at Ashley Taylors Legal, is an experienced and successful mediator as well as a senior mediator with Clerksroom. Prior to becoming a mediator in 2011 he was an experienced advocate who appeared in over 10,000 court cases and having qualified and undertaken many mediations, he strongly approves of and supports mediation as a solid method of dispute resolution. He says that apart from dealing with disputes quickly and efficiently the financial benefits of reduction in costs is to everyone's benefit and the personal stress of litigation leading up to a trial is reduced dramatically. In general he says everyone is a winner both financially and physically!


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